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Decodable books step 4 : vowel teams, r-controlled vowels, and consonant-le

Vowel teams are two or more vowels together that make a sound, such as in the words boot or rain. Sometimes they may contain consonants that create a vowel sound like /ow/ in throw. R-controlled vowels have a vowel followed by r. Sometimes this pattern is called the “bossy r” because the “r” takes over and the vowel makes a different sound, such as in the words car or burn. Consonant -le words end with a consonant, followed by le, such as table or purple.

Everybody Reads 2024: Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow

Zevin's richly imagined novel follows three friends over 30 years. In their mid-20s, Sadie, Sam and Marx design a compelling video game that brings them fame and fortune, changing the course of their lives.

Full of references that will delight gamers and anyone who remembers the 90s, Zevin’s novel is an expansive exploration of the creative impulse and the evolving nature of deep friendship.