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齐来庆祝中秋节 Mừng Tết Trung Thu Celebrating Mid-Autumn Festival

Mid Autumn, also known as Children's Festival in Vietnam, or Moon Festival in China, is the second most festive holiday in both regions. It marks a joyous occasion when the harvest work is finished and there’s time to spend with loved ones. There is storytelling, mooncakes for everyone and colorful lanterns for children.

Tết Trung Thu là một ngày hội vui nhộn cho các em nhỏ. Các em được nghe kể chuyện cổ tích về Chú Cuội, ăn bánh trung thu và rước lồng đèn.  


Juneteenth resources for the whole family

Dating back to 1865, it was on June 19th when Union soldiers arrived in Galveston, Texas with news that the U.S. Civil War had ended, marking the end of slavery for African Americans in this country. Since then, June 19th or "Juneteenth" has been observed as a holiday, celebrating the end of slavery in America, and its meaning to the culturally resiliency of African Americans over the years.

A Reading List from Prose Before Bros

Established in 2018, Prose Before Bros is a social book club for Women of Color (WOC) in Portland, Oregon. PBB is a community that provides a safe space for WOC to exist without explanation. We read literature that centers and prioritizes the Black and brown woman. We seek to amplify their voices and value their stories and perspectives. We currently have over 400 members (and counting) who attend our monthly book events and activities.