Historic Oregon Newspapers (Website)

Historic Oregon Newspapers is an archive of newspapers from all over the state, originally published from the 1840s to 1922. Answer questions like:

  • My grandmother was from near Burns, and she died around 1910. Can I get her obituary?
  • I want to read more about the debate about moving the state capital to Salem in the 1850s.
  • Are there pictures of the Bull Run watershed preserve from when Portland first got its water there?

Several newspapers are from the Portland area: The New Northwest, the Oregon Free Press, The Oregon Journal, the Oregon Spectator, The Oregonian, the Portland New Age, and The St. Johns Review. It includes images of each newspaper issue cover to cover, including photographs and illustrations. Search for any word in articles, headlines, public notices, or advertisements.

This archive is a growing collection. Additional newspaper titles (including recent issues of an increasing selection of contemporary Oregon newspapers, like Willamette Week and the St. Johns Review) are regularly added to Historic Oregon Newspapers.