The following policies govern how we use our library. They reflect the diverse needs of the community the library serves.

Children alone in the library

Guidelines for Parents and Caregivers

3D printer policy for makerspace

This policy establishes how and under what circumstances the public may use the library’s 3D printers

Social software policy for Multnomah County Library users

Social software policy for Multnomah County Library users

Privacy and confidentiality of library records

This privacy policy explains your privacy and confidentiality rights and responsibilities, the steps Multnomah County Library takes to respect and protect your privacy when you use library resources, and how we handle personally identifiable information we collect from our patrons.

Multnomah County Library rules

Rules regarding the use of Multnomah County Library

Public meeting rooms policy

Eighteen libraries offer free use of meeting room space for meetings and programs that serve an educational, cultural, civic or recreational purpose. Meetings and programs held in library meeting rooms must be free, open and of potential interest to the general public.

Library use of photography

Library policy on photography

Wi-fi policies for Multnomah County Library

Rules for acceptable use of wi-fi internet connections