Mobile, wireless printing is available at all public library locations. There are multiple ways to print for free.

Use the library computers 

Send your item to the printer. You then need to release your print at the print release station.

Upload your print job remotely from any computer

Get started by clicking the link assigned to your preferred location from the list below. The page will direct you how to upload your print job. You will have 16 hours to pick up your print at your selected location. You can only pick up your printed item at your chosen location.

Using a laptop or desktop computer

Go to the print job web page and enter the six digit PrinterID for the library location from the list below. Upload your document and follow the prompts. There is a wrench icon that will allow changes to the settings for your print job.

Please select a location to upload your print job

Belmont PrinterID - 107815

Capitol Hill PrinterID - 107816

Central PrinterID - 107813

Gregory Heights PrinterID - 107819

Gresham PrinterID - 107818

Holgate PrinterID - 109868

Hollywood PrinterID - 107822

Kenton PrinterID - 107824

MCL UO PrinterID -  107825

Northwest PrinterID - 107826

Rockwood PrinterID - 107827

Sellwood-Moreland PrinterID - 107828

St. Johns PrinterID - 107829

Woodstock PrinterID - 107831

Need more help using your laptop or desktop? Go to the print help page or contact us by phone, chat, or email.

Using a QR code in a library location

While in a library location you may scan any QR code displayed near the printer to access Princh through your internet browser. The library location information will be prefilled.

Need more help using the QR code? Go to the print help page or ask a library staff member for help.

Pick up your prints

Printed items are available for pickup during open hours soon after you get confirmation. You have 16 hours to pick them up. 

  1. Go to the library where you sent your items. You don’t need an appointment or a library card to print items at the library. 
  2. Go to the print release station and release your prints. Enter the email address you provided with your print job to release your prints. 
  3. Ask a staff member if you need assistance. 


  • Black and white only
  • Up to 100 pages per day
  • Printing is free

There is no limit on the number of documents you can print. Please print only what you need.