The Multnomah County Library District Board, elected by county voters, governs the library. In turn, the commissioners appoint community members to the Library Advisory Board, which advises and informs library operations. See Library Advisory Board for more information, including meeting schedules and agendas.

Multnomah County Library District Board

Jessica Vega Pederson, Chair

Sharon Meieran, District 1

Jesse Beason, District 2

Julia Brim-Edwards, District 3

Lori Stegmann, District 4

Library Executive Management Team

Annie Lewis, Interim Director of Libraries

Dave Ratliff, Interim Deputy Director

Shawn Cunningham, Communications and Strategic Initiatives Director

Johnette Easter, Human Resources Manager

Sonja Ervin, Equity and Inclusion Manager

Kirby McCurtis, Location Services Director

Katie Shifley, Finance and Facilities Director

Jennifer Studebaker, Community Services Director

Jon Worona, Director of Innovation and Technology