Multnomah County Library provides a variety of services for people with disabilities. To request an accommodation, please fill out this form or contact us.

Account assistance

The library offers several options that may make it easier to manage your library card account. These include longer loan and hold periods. Please contact us for details.

Attending events and classes

For an accommodation at a library event or class, fill out this form or contact us. Please give us two business days (Monday-Friday) notice.

Browsing assistance

Patrons who need assistance browsing the collection may make a one-on-one appointment with staff. Fill out this form or contact us to make an appointment.

Blindness and low vision

Audio description

The library buys movies with audio description when available.

JAWS and ZoomText in the library

JAWS (a screen-reading program) and ZoomText (a screen-magnification program) are available at all library locations, along with basic instructions. Library staff are not able to help with JAWS and ZoomText.

Large-print, e-books and audiobooks

All libraries have large-print books and audiobooks. You can download e-books and audiobooks from the library's website.  Library Outreach Services can deliver large print materials and audiobooks to homebound adults.

Magnification devices and CCTV

Magnifying glasses and sheets are available at every library location. Ask at the reference desk.

Central and Midland libraries offer a video magnifier (CCTV) for patrons who need higher magnification.

Special mice and keyboards

Large trackball mice and large type keyboards are available. Ask at the desk.

Talking Book and Braille Library

Talking Book and Braille Services (through Oregon State Library) provides free library materials and services to Oregonians who have trouble reading or holding a regular book. To learn more or to see if you qualify, call 800.452.0292 or visit the Talking Book and Braille Library website.

Deafness and hearing loss

Assistive listening system

This listening system helps people hear better during library programs and events. It filters the sound to emphasize the voices and transmits it to a receiver you wear around your neck. If you have a hearing aid with a t-switch, the sound can be sent directly to the hearing aid. Fill out this form or contact us to request the system for a library program. Please give us two business days (Monday-Friday) notice.

Closed-captioned movies

The library buys closed-captioned editions of movies when available.

Sign language interpreters and assistive listening devices

If you have a disability and need accommodations for an event or class, please fill out the accommodation request form or contact us.  Please give us two business days (Monday-Friday) notice to allow us to better serve you.

Video sign language interpretation

The library has live video sign language interpretation at Central, Gresham, Hillsdale and Rockwood libraries. Please stop in and give it a try. Contact us for more information.


Access to library locations

All libraries and their restrooms meet ADA standards.

Accessible computers

Most adaptive technology computers are at the ends of tables to make it easy to access if you are using a mobility aid or wheelchair.

Large trackball mice and large type keyboards are available. Ask at the desk.

Contact a librarian

You can contact us using chat, email or phone (503.988.5123).


Lapboards are available for people who need to reposition the keyboard. They can be used at any Internet station and can be placed on the lap or across the arms of a wheelchair or mobility scooter.

Library Outreach Services

Library Outreach Services provides library services to those unable to come to the library, including:

  • homebound adults 
  • residents of retirement or adult care homes 
  • residents of assisted living facilities

We deliver books and other library materials by mail or in person. Call 503.988.5404 to find out about becoming an outreach patron.

Sensory/Autism Spectrum

Sensory Accommodation Kits

The library welcomes all children, including those with autism and sensory processing disorder. Kits to assist with sensory processing differences are available at all locations in the children’s areas and are for in-library use. The kits have tools to help with background noises and other distractions, and to help calm.

Sensory Storytime

This preschool storytime is especially welcoming for children on the spectrum and families who are looking for a smaller, more adaptive library experience. Find Sensory Storytime locations, dates and times.

Sensory Friendly Library Hour

This special hour is for individuals on the autism spectrum and for anyone who appreciates a sensory friendly environment. Natural and limited lighting and limited patron access will help to support a sensory friendly environment. Library staff will be available to answer questions, recommend books, and checkout materials. Join us for It's Sensory Storytime! Live or view our It's Sensory Storytime! videos.

Social Stories

Our library social stories can help children prepare for a library visit by learning what to expect through photos and text. Stories have been created for all library locations and those hosting Sensory Storytime. Click on your location from the list of libraries, and look for "My Library social story." 

Americans with Disabilities Act compliance

Multnomah County ADA/Disability Notice and Complaint Process


For more information about any of these services, please contact us.