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These lists are vetted and curated by library staff experts familiar with the subject matter. 

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Black health and wellness

Here is a list of local mental health resources and organizations working to destigmatize Black mental health and provide support to the Black community here in Multnomah County. At the library, we are proud to center resources that help communities thrive and succeed.

Citizenship and immigration resources

Citizenship and immigration resources including citizenship classes and legal resources.

College help for teens

The college admissions process can be tricky to navigate. Use these sites to guide your college application and admissions process.

Know your rights as a worker

Wherever you work, you have rights under the law. These resources can help you learn about your rights as a worker and how to get help if you believe your rights are being violated.

Diversión, parques y almuerzos de verano

El verano es la estación más cálida del año y una de las mejores épocas para disfrutar al aire libre con la familia. Aquí ofrecemos una serie de actividades y recursos para disfrutar de las vacaciones escolares este verano.

Financial resources for your home

For information about programs that assist in buying, repairing a home or paying bills in an emergency, the resources below may be helpful. These agencies have financial help for specific purposes. Note that most of these programs have restrictions, and not everyone will qualify.

Find a book discussion group

Talking together about books builds understanding and community. Find your group in the local area or online.

For caregivers of older adults

Local and online resources to help caregivers of older adults.

Free online tutoring resources for students

Free online tutoring resources for students

Job help for teens

The library can help you prepare for job interviews.

Job search sites

Resources and organizations that fit your needs.

Legal advocacy and assistance by subject area

Law help: includes a list of organizations and agencies who provide legal help or information by population served or type of problem.

Legal aid and resources

Law help: providing sites for free and reduced-cost legal help and legal forms.

Local homeschooling organizations

A list of web academies, organizations, classes, and Facebook groups that support homeschooling families.

Local resources for writers

Resources for writers at the library and in the community

Mail-order house plan and design catalogs

Some houses are custom-designed by an architect, for a specific site. But most houses weren’t built that way. During the 20th century, many houses were built from plans that the owner or builder purchased from a catalog. Some houses came as “kits,” with plans and a complete set of building materials cut to size and ready to assemble.

Taxes in 2024: Forms and assistance

The deadline to file federal and state tax returns is Monday April 15. Library staff cannot prepare returns, advise on tax matters, or interpret tax law, but they can help connect you with resources.

Career research and skill building

Resources and organizations to improve your skills, in multiple languages and for specific community groups.

Recursos gratuitos para los estudiantes

Reforzar la educación de los hijos durante el verano puede ser un desafío. Durante el verano los niños pueden llegar a perder hasta dos meses de aprendizaje si no realizan actividades de lectura y matemáticas. He aquí una lista de recursos y actividades para ayudar a reforzar la educación de una manera divertida durante el verano.

Market research resources

Resources for small business market research

Research your family history

Research your family history with these popular resources.

Resources for book discussion groups

All about book clubs, book groups and book discussion.

Resources for LGBTQ+ youth and their families

Youth who identify as LGBTQ+ benefit from a caring network of family, friends and peers. Here are some organizations and resources that can help provide that support.

Grants and scholarships

Finding grants for small businesses or getting grants to buy a home is a very common library question. However, most financial assistance programs are not grants in the traditional sense.

Find food, shelter and other basic services in the Portland Metro area

These resources can get you started on your search for basic services.