Summer Reading

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Congratulations summer readers!

Summer Reading 2022 is officially over! Thanks to our partnerships with seven Multnomah County school districts over 60,000 kids had their Summer Reading gameboards in their hands before school ended.  27,510 Summer Reading Gameboards were delivered to the Library locations to kick off Summer Reading. 

16,728 players have completed challenges through our Beanstack App and in library locations with the paper gameboards. Readers have logged over 501,000 days of reading. Summer Readers averaged about 30 minutes a day of reading, resulting in over 15,050,000 minutes of reading over the summer months. 


Summer Reading volunteers were back in person at our libraries this summer. Over 400 youth volunteers encouraged readers, answered questions and gave away Summer Reading prizes. Volunteers also spread the word about Summer Reading in their communities and encouraged readers throughout the county.

Thank you Summer Reading volunteers!

Check back in April 2023 for information on Summer Reading and volunteering in 2023.

Want to learn about volunteering year round? Visit Volunteer on our website

Congratulations to our Summer Reading Winners!!!

Ages 0-4
Grand Prize: Birthday party at Wiggle Room
WInner:  Neko, age 4, during Summer Reading, now 5 years old, Hollywood Library
Runner-up: $150 Visa gift card made possible by The Library Foundation
Winner: Virginia, age 1. Holgate Library

Kindergarten-5th grade
Grand Prize: A technology prize selected with a Rockwood Library Makerspace specialist. 
Winner: Oskar, a first grader at Scott Elementary School. Gregory Heights Library. Oskar chose an iPad and a Sphero Robot.

Runner-up Prizes
1st Runner Up: $250 Visa gift card, made possible by The Library Foundation.
Winner: Denver, a Kindergartener at Parklane Elementary School. Rockwood Library

2nd Runner Up: Birthday party at Mad Science
Winner: Davis, a 4th Grader at Metropolitan Learning Academy. Fairview Library

Middle School + High School
Grand Prize:  A technology package selected with a Rockwood Library Makerspace specialist, and a MetroEast membership
Winner: Leilani, an 8th grader at Walt Morey Middle School, Troutdale Library

High School Runner-up: A technology prize selected with a Rockwood Library Makerspace specialist
Winner: Natalie, a 9th grader at Roosevelt High School. St. Johns Library
Natalie chose an iPad, an apple pen and drawing apps.

Middle School Runner-up Prizes
1st Runner Up: $250 Visa gift card, made possible by The Library Foundation
Winner:  Lucas, a 7th grader at Access Academy , Hillsdale Library

2nd Runner Up: Bowling Party for 8 at Superplay
Winner: Fionn, a 6th Grader at Sellwood Middle School, Sellwood Library

Summer Reading is supported by gifts to The Library Foundation, a local nonprofit dedicated to our library's leadership, innovation and reach through private support.