Summer Reading

Logo for Summer reading 2021, a book on a yellow background red, white and blue lines, and the word read in five languages

Congratulations summer readers!

Summer Reading 2021 is officially over! Babies, kids, and teens imagined their stories and logged over 4,500 days of reading— all despite a global pandemic! Over 9,655 young readers completed the game by reading for at least 45 total days over the summer.

The Summer Reading program also offered volunteer opportunities for youth in grade 6 and up. Over 60 youth volunteers dedicated their time to promoting the program in their communities and encouraging readers throughout Multnomah County.

Check back next spring for information on Summer Reading and volunteering in 2022.

The Summer Reading program is supported by gifts to The Library Foundation.

2021 Winners

Ages 0-4

Grand prize: Birthday party at The Wiggle Room
Winner: Nautica, age 4, Midland Library

Runner-up prize: $250 Visa gift card
Winner: Dylan 22 months, Rockwood Library

Grades K-5

Grand prize: iPad, wireless headset, $50 itunes card, and a tour of the Rockwood Library’s makerspace.
Winner: Azusa, 3rd grade, Woodstock Library

Runner-up prize: Mad Science party
Winner: Gwen, 4th grade, Kenton Library

Grades 6-12

Grand prize: $250 Visa gift card
Winner: Robin 10th grade, Hollywood Library

Runner-Up prize: SuperPlay bowling or laser tag party
Winner: Eleanor 6th grade, Belmont Library

Runner-Up prize: Personalized Tech Prize chosen by the winner, iPad in space gray
Winner: Vlad 9th grade, Reynolds High School 9th grade, Rockwood Library