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As a Multnomah County Library cardholder, l agree to:

Abide by library rules regarding behavior, public computer use and borrowing materials.

Keep my library card secure. I will report a lost or stolen card immediately. I will not allow another person or organization to use my library card number to access licensed databases and services or library internet computers. Publishers of these resources may ask me for limited personal information or to create an account, and I understand I may be subject to their privacy and use guidelines.

Tell the library if my contact information changes.

Pay all charges assessed on this card. Accounts with $50.00 or more in charges are submitted to a collection agency.

Understand that the library is not responsible for any damages to personal equipment when using multimedia items.

Have my holds shelved in a public area by my name. I may have my holds shelved by my account number upon request.

As the parent/guardian of a Multnomah County Library cardholder, I agree to:

Take responsibility for guiding my child's use of the library and to monitor the personal information they may share with online subscription databases and services. All library materials and services are available to library users of any age.

Provide my child's library card or card number to access that child's library account. Multnomah County Library respects the privacy of all library users, no matter their age.

Understand that Multnomah County Library filters Internet searching for children ages 12 and younger and offers young people ages 13-17 the choice of filtered or unfiltered Internet searching. I may change my child's Internet filtering choice.

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We respect your privacy: Learn more by reading the Multnomah County Library privacy policy.