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Please use the format XXX-XXX-XXXX.
Пароль может состоять из 4-25 символов и включать буквы и цифры.
Choose the library you usually visit and where you pick up your holds.
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Library card agreements

  • Follow all library rules.
  • Report a lost card or change of contact information.
  • Do not allow anyone else to access online resources or internet computers with my library card number. I may give my library card number to others to help manage my account or give my card to others to check out materials.
  • Review the terms of use and privacy before using some library-related services, which may ask me for personal information or ask me to create an account.
  • Pay fees owed or contact library staff for options. Fees of $50.00 or more will block checking out physical items.
  • Accept responsibility for any possible damage to my personal devices when using media items. I understand that the library is not responsible.
  • Have holds shelved in a public area by the first four letters of my last name and last four numbers of my account number. I will contact library staff if I want holds shelved without my partial name.

Parent or guardian agreements

  • Guide the child’s use of the library and the personal information the child shares with online services and accounts. All library materials and services are available to users of all ages.
  • Have the child’s library card or card number to access the child's account. The library respects the privacy of users of all ages.
  • Guide the child’s use of the internet. Internet searching is filtered for children ages 12 and younger. Children ages 13-17 have the choice of filtered or unfiltered searching. A parent or guardian may change the child’s Internet filtering level.