Welcome to your new Multnomah County Library website

Cat with glasses looking at computer

Multnomah County Library has updated its website with new features and content. This website was a collaborative effort with input from library staff, patrons and community members.

Mobile-first technology

The library prioritized mobile accessibility for modern users, including those without regular access to desktop computers, and people living with disabilities. Clean design allows you to access the library’s website anywhere and find the information you need.

Equity-first content

The new website prioritizes communities of color and culture and language access. The library has curated this content to be culturally relevant with the collaboration of the Black Cultural Library Advocates, the library Indigenous team, and the library’s Chinese, Russian, Spanish, and Vietnamese library language teams.

Events your way

Find the events you want to attend on our new events page. Have more control with new search filters, easy registration, and mobile-friendly access.

Easy search and navigation

Enjoy better search results when looking for services and information at the library. Choose to search our website or the library’s catalog of materials from one search box. Our main menu offers easy navigation for our most popular learning tools, services, and information.

Telling the library story

Read about library events, services, literary and arts offerings, easily accessible from the homepage.

Listening to the community

The library conducted internal focus groups with all library teams (more than 40 teams), sent out an online survey in our five service languages that received 10,000 responses, and performed in-person surveys (more than 100) at our most diverse locations. The result is a website with an unprecedented amount of community input that we hope you love!