Wi-fi policies for Multnomah County Library

About wi-fi at Multnomah County Library

W-fi access currently uses the wi-fi standards 802.11 a, b and g. Most wi-fi enabled devices should recognize the library network automatically.

  • The library does not assist users in obtaining a wi-fi connection.
  • Signal strength may vary throughout the library. Please move to a different location within the library if you are having trouble securing a connection or staying online.
  • Library staff cannot perform repairs or troubleshoot your equipment.
  • Wi-fi connections are not secure; use caution when transmitting personal information.
  • Be prepared to use battery power. Do not plug into an outlet where you block aisles, exits or access to materials or equipment.
  • Libraries have limited electrical outlets available for public use in designated areas.
  • The library cannot guarantee your equipment will work with the library's network.
  • Do not leave your equipment unattended. The library is not responsible for equipment that is lost or stolen.

Questions and answers about wi-fi at Multnomah County Library

Rules for acceptable use of wi-fi internet connections

Regardless of the wi-fi source, internet users inside the library or on library premises are subject to the library's Acceptable use of the internet and library public computers rules, with the exception of those rules that apply to library-owned equipment.

Specifically, as a wi-fi internet user, you must:

  • Stop viewing any site that creates a hostile environment for other library users and staff if a staff member asks you to stop.
  • Follow the rules of the websites you visit.
  • Never harass others with prints, images or messages.
  • View and print only legal material and conduct only legal activity.
  • Make appropriate choices about the sites you view when others are present, since the library is a public place that serves children as well as adults.
  • Use sound-muffling headphones or mute sound to avoid disturbing others.
  • Never block aisles, exits, access to library materials, exhibit cases or other resources.
  • Follow all provisions of Behavior Rules Governing the Use of Multnomah County Library.

All wi-fi access in the Children's Library at Central Library is limited to individuals 14 years old or younger.

Wi-fi users who do not follow the rules for wi-fi internet use may be asked to stop using wi-fi connection inside the library, be excluded from all county libraries and/or be prosecuted.

Notice: Warning of Copyright Restrictions

Using library computers to copy and distribute copyright protected works may be an infringement of the copyright law (Title 17 U.S. Code). The library reserves the right to delete or disable any post or link on a library-hosted service that, in the judgment of library staff, violates copyright law. In accordance with 17 USC S 512 (i)(1)(A), the library may terminate a patron’s access to the system or network for disrespect of the intellectual property rights of others, or for repeat infringements of copyright. The library has adopted this policy and will make all reasonable effort to enforce it in appropriate circumstances.