Computer lab policy

Purpose of the computer labs

To support lifelong learning, Multnomah County Library computer labs provide access to computers for:

  • using library web resources
  • practicing word processing, spreadsheet, presentation or other related software
  • working on projects such as writing reports, letters and resumes; creating presentations and spreadsheets; and designing and posting web pages
  • practicing skills learned at the library's free computer classes

The computer labs offer:

  • computer classes on basic computer skills and library resources
  • a variety of self-learning aids
  • regularly scheduled hours to work on projects
  • volunteer assistants available to answer questions or direct customers to resources.

Rules for using the computer labs

  1. Lab equipment can only be used when a library staff member or volunteer is present.
  2. Time on a lab computer may be limited to ensure that as many patrons as possible have access to the lab. Games, chats, and recreational internet use may also be limited.
  3. Only software loaded on the lab computers may be used. Please do not download or install software onto the machines.
  4. No more than two people may use a lab computer at one time.

Help with computers

A staff member or volunteer is available to answer questions. They are prepared to offer one-on-one assistance to all patrons using the lab.