Library lockers

Contactless holds pickup 24/7 at Holgate and Woodstock libraries

Library Lockers at Holgate Library
New self-service lockers. Pick up your holds when it’s convenient for you.

Where are the lockers located? 
Woodstock Library — rear of building, accessible from the parking lot. 
Holgate Library — along the southeast side of the building, accessible from the parking lot. 

How do I select a locker?
Place a hold in the online catalog and select your pickup location as either:

  • Woodstock Hold Locker
  • Holgate Hold Locker

Please note: If you select the main Woodstock or Holgate location, then your holds will be routed for inside pickup, not locker pickup. 

How long will I have to pick up my holds once they are ready?
Three days

How many items fit into a locker?
About three. Patrons will be notified if any of their holds are too large to fit into a locker. Patrons may have more than one locker assigned, depending on the number of holds they are picking up. 

How do I pick up my items from a locker?

  1. Wait for a library notice that your holds are ready to pick up. 
  2. Arrive at the lockers. 
  3. Touch the screen to start the process. 
  4. Scan your library card or manually enter the library card number. Enter your password on the touchscreen. 
  5. The locker door will pop open. 
  6. The screen will prompt you if there are more items in other lockers.
  7. Pick up your hold(s).
  8. Shut the locker door(s). 

Are my items already checked out to me when they’re placed in the locker? 
Items will be checked out to you and be listed on your account when you retrieve the items from the locker. If you do not pick up the items, they are not checked out to you. 

Can I return items in the lockers? 
No. Please place returns into the bookdrop. 

Do I need my library card to pick up my items at the locker? 
You need either your library card or your library card number. You also need your password.  

Why aren’t there lockers at my library?
The library had funds to pilot the lockers at two locations. The locations were chosen because  of technical requirements for the installation. The sites can also allow 24/7 access. We may explore purchasing lockers for other locations in the future.