Midland Library history

Since it opened in 1958, Midland Library has been one of the busiest libraries in Multnomah County. To meet the demand, the building underwent several renovations to expand its space.

Funded by a voter approved bond in 2020, Midland Library is undergoing renovations to expand the current space by an additional 6000 sq. ft. It is currently closed and scheduled to reopen in 2024.When it opens, new features will include an outdoor interactive children’s garden, large play and learning space for children, a dedicated teen room, updated technology and new community-focused artwork.


2024 Scheduled to open.

2020 In November 2020, Multnomah County voters approved a $387 million capital bond to build and transform library buildings across the county. Midland Library was scheduled to be renovated and expanded. The building will have 6,000 square feet added.

1996 The new library opened on September 16. It was 25,000 square feet with a book capacity of 150,000 volumes.

1993 Midland Library continued to grow, becoming the second busiest branch of the library system with a circulation of more than 452,000 items in 1992-1993. In May 1993, voters approved $5.3 million for the construction of a new library building.

Early 1960s Usage of Midland Library exceeded all expectations, and, in the early 1960s, the building was expanded from the original 5,700 square feet to 6,850 square feet. 

1958 Midland Library opened on March 16, 1958.