Library building bond

Great libraries. Great communities.

Thanks to the support of Multnomah County voters, Multnomah County Library is expanding several libraries and building a new library in East County for the community. These projects include:

  • Expansions and renovations to seven branch libraries: Albina Library, Belmont Library, Holgate Library, Midland Library, North Portland Library, Northwest Library and St. Johns Library.
  • Building an East County Flagship Library.
  • Adding gigabit speed internet to all libraries.
  • Creating a materials handling and distribution center.

See the full project sequence. As projects begin, there are exciting ways to get involved with listening sessions and community meetings.

Preface project

Located in East Portland, the Operations Center is the first real estate purchase for the bond so we’ve titled it as the preface just like the beginning of a book. This building will be at the heart of so many library services and will lead the way for additional bond projects. Learn more about the building as part of our effort to provide great libraries and services for great communities.

Chapter One projects

These projects, which include Albina and North Portland as well as Holgate and Midland libraries, are starting with architecture teams led by women of color.

Your votes are in and we’re excited to share the results! 

View your new interior design for Holgate Library

View your new interior design for Midland Library. 

Get involved through listening and feedback sessions, and build libraries that represent your community! Head to the Chapter One projects page for more information about these libraries and events.

Learn more about our commitment to community engagement as well as our capital planning project principles.

Have questions? Check out the library bond FAQ.

Chapter Two: East County Flagship

This East County library will be an entirely new building similar in size to Central Library in downtown Portland. With design led by local and international architects with dynamic community input, this new library will provide an exciting level of services and programming in a vibrant, diverse location. 

Stay up-to-date and get involved with building your new library.

Refresh projects

As part of the Refresh projects, eleven libraries will receive minor but still important upgrades to ensure the locations can provide safe, modern and welcoming spaces for everyone in the community. These updates will be based on each library’s unique needs and may include new shelving and furniture, upgrades of carpet and paint and other interior work.

Beginning in June 2022, some work on Central Library will begin with multiple construction projects funded by the bond and other sources.

Central Library will be closed to the public August 1 - November 1, 2022. The library will be closed during construction to decrease longer disruptions of service by completing multiple projects, speeding the construction work, and to lower overall costs for Multnomah County residents. Learn more.

Read about the Refresh projects

Library Bond Oversight Committee

The Bond Oversight Committee meets quarterly to review progress on Measure 26-211 (including financial metrics), and reports annually to our community and to the Board of County Commissioners (who also serve as the Library District Board) with feedback on performance toward bond goals.


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