Grants and scholarships

Finding grants for small businesses or getting grants to buy a home is a very common library question. However, most financial assistance programs are not grants in the traditional sense. For information about programs that assist in buying, repairing a home or paying bills in an emergency take a look at this resource page.

Who gets grants?

For the most part, grants are not given to individuals. Grants are for specific projects; for example, producing a museum exhibit or building a playground for children with mobility disabilities. 

Grants are awarded to:

  • Nonprofits (including charities, schools, and arts and community organizations)
  • State and local government agencies
  • Federally-recognized tribes
  • Public safety agencies (like hospitals, police and fire departments)

Grants are almost never available to businesses for staffing, ongoing expenses or expansion. 

Applying for grants is a complex process. You will need to explain how the money will be spent, how it will benefit the targeted audience, and how you will document it from start to finish.

Find grants for specific projects

Grants and scholarships for college: