Library capital building projects community engagement ethos

With multiple building projects running concurrently, how will we know if we are authentically engaging the community in the building and service design of each library? Each project deserves a bespoke approach to recognize current community dynamics, reckon with the past, hold a high level of accountability to the community, and imagine a different future for public libraries in Multnomah County. These values provide an overarching structure to consider, review and align across all nine projects.

Our community engagement is a direct reflection of our project principles.  

  • Equitable - prioritizes listening and amplifying the voices of underserved communities 
  • Transparent - clearly identifies what is fixed, what is flexible, and where community can have impact and the outcomes of that input
  • Just - understands and acknowledges the past and creates a different future
  • Accessible - meets the community where they are, variety of methods of participation, culturally relevant and responsive
  • Informed - is informed by research, review and recognition of what has already been asked of communities and what’s already been shared
  • Flexible - asks for input on process, listens to feedback, is open to change and not sticking with a singular approach to engaging the community