Public meeting room reservations

Please review the guidelines for free use of public meeting rooms. That page also has a list of the meeting rooms we offer. For more information on each library location and its public meeting rooms, see library hours and locations.

We will contact you soon to let you know if we could accommodate your request. Please allow at least 48 hours for a response. If your request is less than 72 hours away, please call the library during open hours to reserve.

You are welcome to call the library to check meeting room availability, but a room will not be reserved until after you complete this application and receive approval from library staff.

Holgate Library meeting rooms will not be available until reopening (scheduled for spring 2024), and meeting rooms at Midland Library will not be available starting Monday, December 19 until reopening (scheduled for summer 2024).  

Tell us who you are
About the meeting
Rooms available for meetings that serve an educational, cultural, civic or recreational purpose.
Request room, date and time

Meeting date and time: Meetings may be scheduled during the library's open hours only. Request a room up to one month from today. If your request is less than 72 hours away, please call the library during open hours to inform staff of your reservation request. Meetings must end at least 15 minutes before the library's scheduled closing time.


Note: No libraries open before 10 am any day of the week. Please check the location hours to see when the library with the room you are requesting is open.


Note: Please remember to select the appropriate am or pm.

No library opens before 10 am any day of the week.
Read and agree to public meeting room use guidelines

Statement of responsibility: As an authorized adult representative of the organization, I hereby apply for the use of the meeting room as indicated above. I have read the library public meeting rooms use guidelines and agree they will be carefully observed. If a meeting is cancelled, I agree to notify the library as far in advance as possible.

Please mark each box to indicate your agreement.