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Summer Reading starts June 16, and you’re invited!

Students across Multnomah County will receive a Summer Reading gameboard at their school before summer vacation begins. To participate, players keep track of the time they read, are read to, listen to audiobooks, or complete gameboard activities. Players can earn books, coupons, a Summer Reading T-shirt and other prizes. Summer Reading is free, and youth who finish the game will be entered into the grand prize drawing.

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Court of Venom author Kristin Burchell on poison, character, and connection

The library partners with Ooligan Press to publish one Library Writers Project book a year in print. This year, author Kristin Burchell, worked with Ooligan Press on the publication of her book Court of Venom.

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Teens participate in designing new libraries

Since Multnomah County voters approved the Library Capital Bond in November 2020, the library has been hard at work with architecture firms to map out the design process for the construction and renovation of the Chapter One libraries. Throughout the process, the library and the firms have been meaningfully including teen voices with the help of two design programs.

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National Library Workers Day

National Library Workers Day is a day of recognition for all that library staff, administrators and volunteers do for our libraries. Library workers play a critical role in our communities. At Multnomah County Library, employees across the organization keep the library running.

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Renegade women authors

In celebration of Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day (March 8), Multnomah County Library is highlighting renegade women authors who challenge the status quo with their innovative and groundbreaking work.

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Erase This! Conversations of Race, Activism, and Zines with Marissa Yang Bertucci

Zines are a crucial piece of the social justice movement, publications that prompt conversations of race, sexuality, and activism. A zine can be anything, about anyone, made with any items available. They are self-published, or by a small publisher, and usually printed in small numbers.

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Celebrate Black History Month at the Library

February is Black History Month, a time to celebrate influential people, events and actions contributing to Black History in the United States. Each year, the Association for the Study of African American Life and History selects a theme for Black History Month to focus the attention on one specific aspect of the Black experience.

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