Wi-fi frequently asked questions

Multnomah County Library is pleased to offer wi-fi internet access at all library locations for users with wi-fi-enabled devices such as laptops or smart phones. Please review the library's wi-fi policy.

Where and when is wi-fi access available?

Wi-fi Internet service is available in all locations, 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.

Any wi-fi access in the Children's Library at Central Library is limited to individuals 14 years old or younger.

What do I need to use the library's wi-fi?

A laptop or other wi-fi enabled device is needed. 

If your laptop does not have wi-fi built in, patrons who are 13 years or older with a valid library card can check out Chromebooks to use in the library to access wi-fi.

How do I use the library's wi-fi?

Most users can simply bring their wi-fi enabled laptop or other wi-fi enabled device to the library and turn it on. The device will automatically recognize the wi-fi network.

Click on Library_WiFi to connect. You may see other network names, but they are not provided by the library. There is no password.

What are the rules for using wi-fi?

Wi-fi users must comply with Acceptable use of the Internet and Library Public ComputersMultnomah County Library rules and Wi-fi Internet Access Policy at Multnomah County Library. View these documents on the library website or ask at any public service desk.

Can I print?

Mobile /wireless printing is available while libraries are open. You can print to the library's printers from almost any device or location with an internet connection. 

Can I use the electrical outlets?

Be prepared to use battery power. The library has limited electrical outlets. Do not plug into an outlet where you block the aisles, exits or access to materials. Do not unplug other equipment.

Is the information on my device safe while I am connected?

Wi-fi connections are not secure; use caution when transmitting information. The library is not responsible for damage to software, hardware or files on equipment connected to the wi-fi network.

Please keep your electronic devices, and all of your personal belongings, with you at all times.

Do you offer technical assistance?

Library staff can help you connect to the library's wi-fi, but cannot perform repairs or troubleshoot your equipment. For specific questions about your hardware or software, contact the manufacturer.