Frequently asked questions about volunteering

Anyone age 10 and above can volunteer independently. Younger volunteers must have a parent or caregiver participate alongside them.

You can apply online or fill out a paper application at any library location. The application requires basic information like your name, email, contact details and your area of interest. You will not be required to provide your social security number. Please allow 1-2 weeks for processing, and we'll contact you to schedule an interview. Orientation and training are scheduled after a volunteer has been accepted.

We offer in-person and virtual volunteering opportunities, including:

  • Assisting at locations
  • Participating in programs and projects
  • Community outreach
  • Tutoring
  • Event support

See current positions we are recruiting for.

We appreciate the time that volunteers can give. Depending on the task, some volunteer opportunities are very flexible while others require a firmer time commitment. Please read each volunteer task description to determine if the task you are applying for fits your availability. 

We offer a variety of volunteer roles, each with its own physical requirements and tasks. Physical requirements will be addressed in each volunteer task description.

Volunteering offers opportunities to learn more about the library. You can interact closely with staff, develop valuable skills such as mentoring and communication, and teamwork. Eligible volunteers can request documentation of hours served and letters of reference. For students, accruing volunteer hours not only contributes to college applications and resumes but also fosters a sense of community impact. Overall, volunteering in your community is a meaningful way to make a positive difference.