Summer Reading

Logo for Summer Reading 2018
Congratulations summer readers!

Summer Reading 2018 is officially over, and we had a record year. Over 110,000 babies, kids and teens signed up to play! Thanks to our partnerships with seven Multnomah County school districts, over 84,000 kids had their Summer Reading gameboards before school ended. 

The Summer Reading program also offers volunteer opportunities for youth in grade 6 and up. Over 850 volunteers dedicated their time to the success of the program! This is the largest free youth volunteer program in the county, and the positions are located within volunteers' communities.

Check back next spring for information on Summer Reading and volunteering in 2019.

Summer Reading is supported by gifts to The Library Foundation, a local nonprofit dedicated to enhancing our library's leadership, innovation and reach through private support.

Summer Reading 2018 winners

Grand Prize: Family trip to Great Wolf Lodge.
Winner: Calliope, preschool student and patron of Capitol Hill Library. 

0-4 year-old runner-up prize: Children’s Museum party.
Winner: Gael, a patron from Midland Library.

Elementary school runner-up prize: Seven Corners Cycles bike package.
Winner: Angelina, a 2nd grader who visits Midland Library. 

Middle school runner-up prize: a party for 10 at SuperPlay.
Winner: Vy, an 8th grader who uses Midland Library. 

High school runner-up prize: a $250 pre-paid Visa
Winner: Madelyn, a freshman who frequents Gresham Library. 

High School Challenge: Do, Make, Share, Win!  $100 collage gift cards winners 
Anneliese, Woodstock patron 
Huy, Gregory Heights patron 
Tess, Hillsdale patron 
Nayantara, Hollywood patron 
Karen, Holgate patron 
Piper, Holgate patron 
Nyah, Belmont patron 
Chloe, Albina patron 
Sarah, Albina patron 

High School Challenge: collage $100 or $50 gift cards
Grace, Hillsdale Library 
Jesus, Fairview-Columbia Library 
Ashling, Hillsdale Library 
Ella, Hollywood Library 
Tiffany, Holgate Library  
Muriel, St. Johns Library  
Maia, Sellwood-Moreland Library 
Chloe, Hillsdale LIbrary 
Natalie, Sellwood-Moreland Library 
Annabelle, Holgate Library 
Tate, Gregory Heights Library 
Angela, Troutdale Library 

High School Challenge: Trail Blazers package of a snapback hat and 2 tickets to a game 
Kai, Hollywood Library 
Mason, Rockwood Library 
Sophie, Hollywood Library 
Machaela, Belmont Library  
Sebastian, Hillsdale Library 

High School Challenge: Electric Castle’s Wunderland $100 gift card 
William, Gregory Heights Library