New York Times Digital Access

Access The New York Times and take a look at Games, Cooking, Sports, and Wirecutter via the website or app.

The New York Times app is available in your device's app store.

Login with your library card and password using the link above and create your NYT account via the website. After creating your account on the website, you can begin using the app. If you already have an NYT digital account, you must create a new one to get library access. 

When you login with the NYT account, a 24-hour access pass begins. Once this pass expires, you may use another one. 

To get another pass, return to this page and use the library link above to activate a new pass If you receive a message that all passes are in use, try again later.

New York Times Digital Access also includes additional editions (international, Canada), languages (Spanish, Mandarin), and an extensive historical backfile.

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