Gale Directory Library

Use this resource to access:

  • Associations Unlimited: Provides information on associations and professional societies, both national and international, and includes IRS information for nonprofit organizations.
  • Biography and Genealogy Master Index: A citation-only database covering a wide range of biographical entries in numerous publications. Citations can be located by first and/or last names, birth and/or death years, and/or professional title. The resource helps you narrow by name when only a first or last name is used. This is an excellent resource to locate biographies in other reference books or in periodicals.
  • Directories in Print: The most comprehensive source in its field, Directories in Print describes approximately 15,500 active rosters, guides and other print and nonprint address lists published in the United States and worldwide. Hundreds of additional directories (defunct, suspended and directories that cannot be located) are cited, with status notes, in the title/keyword index.
  • Ward's Business Directory of U.S. Private and Public Companies: Whether it be for contacting a company or calculating its market share, the Ward's Business Directory is an invaluable tool for librarians, executives, students, analysts, marketers and all other professionals who require updated company and industry profiles

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