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Matthew S.'s picture
Mysteries, Music, E-books, Pop culture, Carnival and circus stories

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Tasha F.'s picture
Kids, Teens, Graphic Novels, Fantasy, SF, Romance, Nonfiction, History Science, Historical True Crime Humor

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Laural W.'s picture
Romance, Women and Friendships, Urban Fantasy, Comics, Zines, Young Adult Fiction

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Sherita T.'s picture
Kids, Graphic Novels, Picture Books, Fiction, Young Adult

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Alison K.'s picture
Podcasts, Literary, Nonfiction - tech and sociology, Humor, Art

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Diana A.'s picture
Literary, Parenting, Kids, Teens, Audiobooks, Classics, Cooking

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Amy F.'s picture
Kids, Middle-grade, Coming-of-age stories, Fantasy, Magic realism

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Ross B.'s picture

Kids, Teens, Adventure, Fantasy, Music, Graphic Novels

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Lilia M.'s picture
Kids, Español, Latinx Voices, Social justice, Nonfiction, Immigration, Civic Involvement

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Memo P.'s picture
Chicano Fiction, Español, Literary Fiction, Nonfiction, History, Mexico, Cuba, Music, Jazz, Salsa, Immigration

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Erika B.'s picture
Fiction, SF, Fantasy, Nonfiction, Nature, Art, Science, Kids, Picturebooks

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Darcee M.'s picture
Debut novels, Contemporary and International Fiction, Memoir, Audiobooks, Crafts & Satire

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