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Non-fiction, History, Genealogy, Classical music,Travel, War, Adventure, True Crime Read more about Bob and his recommendations. →

Kids, Teens, Parenting, Science Fiction, Asia, Nature

Read more about Karen and her recommendations. →

Adventure, Techno-thriller, Science, Historical Fiction, Science Fiction Read more about Edna and her recommendations. →

Poetry, Popular Music, Political Theory, Avant-garde Literature, Popular Culture, Science Fiction, Graphic Novels Read more about Eric and his recommendations. →

E-books, Downloadables, Musicians, GLBT, Mystery, Geek Love Read-Alikes, Pop culture

Read more about Matthew and his recommendations. →

Literary, Parenting, Kids, Teens, Audiobooks, Classics, Cooking

Read more about Diana and her recommendations. →

Kids, Teens, Non-fiction, Brit Lit, Police Procedural, Memoirs, Historical FictionRead more about Ruth and her recommendations. →

E-books, Downloadables, Mystery, Memoir, Suspense, Psychological fiction, Scandinavian Thriller, Teen, TV and Movies, Baking, Psychology

Read more about Karen and her recommendations. →

Travel, Lost Generation, Classics, Women in Literature, Poetry

Read more about Heather and her recommendations. →

E-books, Downloadables, Memoirs, Immigrant and Expat Stories, Social Science, Art, Baking, Travel, Satire, International Fiction

Read more about Darcee and her recommendations. →

Northwest, Psychological fiction, Underdog, Coming-of-age, Apocalypse, Literary

Read more about Alison and her recommendations. →

Fantasy, Science Fiction, Literary, Epics, Comics, Classics, Rock n’ Roll Read more about Ross and his recommendations. →

Mystery, History, Biography, Inspirational, Folk Music, Classics, DIY

Read more about Susanne and her recommendations. →

Crafts, Romance, Women and Friendship, Fantasy, Comics, Zines

Read more about Laural and her recommendations. →