Belmont Library exterior

Belmont Library

1038 SE César E. Chávez Boulevard
Portland, OR 97214

Capitol Hill Library exterior

Capitol Hill Library

10723 SW Capitol Highway
Portland, OR 97219

Central Library exterior

Central Library

801 SW 10th Avenue
Portland, OR 97205

Gregory Heights Library exterior

Gregory Heights Library

7921 NE Sandy Boulevard
Portland, OR 97213

Gresham Library exterior

Gresham Library

385 NW Miller Avenue
Gresham, OR 97030

Holgate Library exterior

Holgate Library

7905 SE Holgate Boulevard
Portland, OR 97206

Hollywood Library Exterior

Hollywood Library

4040 NE Tillamook Street
Portland, OR 97212

Kenton Library Exterior

Kenton Library

8226 N Denver Avenue
Portland, OR 97217

Mobile Library van

Mobile Library

221 NE 122nd Avenue
Portland, OR 97230

Not in service

Windows on the outside of the Mutlnomah County Library space at the Northeast Portland campus of University of Oregon

Multnomah County Library at University of Oregon

2800 NE Liberty Street
Portland, OR 97211

Northwest Library Exterior

Northwest Library

2300 NW Thurman Street
Portland, OR 97210

Rockwood Library exterior

Rockwood Library

17917 SE Stark Street
Portland, OR 97233

Sellwood-Moreland Library exterior

Sellwood-Moreland Library

7860 SE 13th Avenue
Portland, OR 97202

St. Johns Library exterior

St. Johns Library

7510 N Charleston Avenue
Portland, OR 97203

Woodstock Library Exterior

Woodstock Library

6008 SE 49th Avenue
Portland, OR 97206

Closed for construction

Albina Library exterior

Albina Library

216 NE Knott Street
Portland, OR 97212

Hillsdale Library Exterior

Hillsdale Library

1525 SW Sunset Boulevard
Portland, OR 97239

Midland Library Exterior

Midland Library

805 SE 122nd Avenue
Portland, OR 97233

North Portland Library Exterior

North Portland Library

512 N Killingsworth Street
Portland, OR 97217

Troutdale Library

Troutdale Library

2451 SW Cherry Park Road
Troutdale, OR 97060

Administrative offices

Library Admin Building exterior

Library Administration

919 NE 19th Avenue, Suite 250
Portland, OR 97232

Deliveries and library staff only

Library Operations Center

Library Operations Center

221 NE 122nd Avenue
Portland, OR 97230

Deliveries and library staff only