Historical newspapers in Oregon

Local and regional newspapers are invaluable for research into local and family history. They are a primary source for daily news in a historical period. 

Portland newspapers

For most of the 20th century, Portland residents had two or three local daily newspapers to choose from. In addition to the daily Oregonian:  

  • The Oregon Journal was published daily from 1902 to 1982 
  • The Portland Telegram (also called the Evening Telegram and the News-Telegram) was published daily from 1877 to 1939 

Historically, each paper had a different editorial policy and political niche. People generally say that the Journal supported the Democratic Party, the Oregonian supported the Republican Party, and the Telegram’s editorial stance was independent.

Portland-area weekly, semiweekly and neighborhood newspapers

Non-daily newspapers have been commonly published in the Portland area, too. Some of these newspapers have been in print a long time and can be useful for historical research as well as for current news.

Today there are many weekly and semi-weekly newspapers, such as the Portland MercuryPortland ObserverStreet RootsWillamette Week. You can also find smaller neighborhood and suburban papers like the St. Johns Review and the Gresham Outlook.

Other Portland-area weekly or semiweekly newspapers are no longer in print, but are still available at the library. Here are a few that you will not see on today’s newsstands, but are in the library’s collection: