Everybody Reads application for classroom participation

Multnomah County Library invites you to participate in Everybody Reads 2024, the library’s annual community reading project, taking place January through March. The book selected is Gabrielle Zevin’s Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow.

Thanks to the support of The Library Foundation, copies of Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow will be provided to high school students in Multnomah County. 

Please note that Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow includes discussions of death, sexuality, trauma and violence. These mature themes may make the book better suited to older students. 

Here are some of the curriculum tie-ins with Zevin’s book: technology, computing, math and science, gaming and game design, storytelling, creativity, platonic relationships and friendship, violence, grief, identity, coming of age, entrepreneurship and innovation.

Schools and organizations with the greatest educational and financial need will receive first consideration. 

By applying, applicants commit to reading and discussing the book during the program, January through March 2024. They will receive a classroom set of Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow, with a link to a discussion guide and further reading. If your school has a book group interested in reading the book, they are also welcome to apply. 

The author lecture will be presented by Literary Arts on Thursday, April 4, 2024. Literary Arts makes a number of free tickets available to participating schools.

Applications must be received no later than November 20, 2023.

Example: 9th to 12th
Please check all three boxes to apply.

If you have any questions about the classroom component of Everybody Reads 2024, please contact Alison Kastner and Tess Thiringer by email or phone 503.988.5792.

To be considered, this form must be submitted no later than November 20, 2023.

See the latest information and learn more about the book at Everybody Reads.

Everybody Reads, a community reading project of Multnomah County Library, is made possible in part by The Library Foundation with author appearance made possible by Literary Arts.