School Corps Buckets of Books and Booklists

School Corps creates lists of Multnomah County Library materials for Multnomah County educators. Our most popular booklists for various grade levels are listed below. Each list contains no more than 32 items, and materials on the lists are chosen based on a number of criteria, including quality, suitability to age level and classroom use, distinctiveness, currency, and number of copies owned by the library. The lists are updated annually.

What is a Bucket of Books?

These tubs contain up to 30 books on a topic, plus a teacher's guide. The buckets contain similar titles those those on the booklist. Not all of our booklists have a corresponding Bucket of Books, but those that do are noted below. To request one, click on the Get this Bucket of Books link. Then click the Place Hold button and follow the instructions on the screen. The bucket will be sent to the Multnomah County Library branch of your choice for you to pick up. If the bucket is not already checked out to someone else, this usually takes four to five days. If all the buckets are checked out, you'll be added to the waiting list for the bucket. Hint: Look for the line that reads "Holds" to see how many people are waiting for the bucket.

Available Booklists and Buckets of Books

Kindergarten-3rd grade

4th-5th grade

6th-8th grade

9th-12th grade


Need a list on another topic? If you teach in a Multnomah County school, School Corps can create a bibliography just for you. To request a bibliography, visit our Assignment Alert page. This service takes three weeks.

Buckets of Books borrowers are responsible for following the same policies as other library users. Those with an educator library card can check a bucket out for six weeks. The borrower is responsible for returning all the contents of the bucket. (Contents are listed in the teacher's guide.) If the bucket is returned with items missing, the borrower will be charged a $10 fee. The library will notify the borrower by sending a postcard to his/her address, and the borrower can call to find out which item is missing. If the missing item is returned within 30 days, there is no charge. The cost for replacing the entire bucket of books is $300. Since the buckets are too large to fit in the library book drop, they must be returned during open hours.

For more information, contact the School Corps Lead Worker at or 503.988.6004.