Using Cell-Ed

Person using mobile phone

Learn English, basic skills and more on your phone with Cell-Ed

All you need is a cell phone (basic or smart), but you can also connect with a tablet or computer that has internet access.

  • Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Talk or text with live coaches in English, Mandarin or Spanish when you need help 
  • Headphones recommended

Courses include

  • English Language Learning
  • Spanish literacy for Spanish speakers with little to no reading or writing ability in Spanish
  • Work and job skills including communication, time management and goal setting
  • Reading, writing, social studies and math skills 
  • How to apply for and pass the U.S. citizenship test 

To start using Cell-Ed

Open WhatsApp:

  • Text START to 866.425.2355
  • Enter PIN 5031
  • Cell-Ed will send you the lessons via message.


  • Call 866.425.2355
  • Use PIN 5031
  • If you call, you will need unlimited texts and minutes to use Cell-Ed. No internet needed.


  • Search for “Cell-Ed” at the app store or Google Play
  • PIN code: 5031 
  • The Cell-Ed app requires unlimited data or wi-fi internet.

Computer or tablet: