Multnomah County Library has received the highest rating possible in the Library Journal 2011 Index of Public Library Service, based on measurements of circulation, visits, program attendance and public Internet use on library computers.
The author of Ball Don’t Lie, Mexican WhiteBoy, We Were Here and I Will Save You will discuss his work with Multnomah County students and then deliver the lecture on Monday, Oct. 17.
Cardholders can now borrow downloadable books to read on their Kindles or any mobile device running the free Kindle app. More than 10,000 titles are available.
The library has added 8,500 new nonfiction e-books on economics, science and technology topics. These titles complement the library’s current general nonfiction e-book offerings with more in-depth material that will be especially helpful for academic and other research.
Now it is possible for cardholders to use the library directly from their Internet-enabled mobile devices. Compatible with nearly all popular mobile platforms, the app is available from the library website, iPhone App Store and Google Play.
According to a report issued by the Public Library Association, Multnomah County Library remains one of the busiest libraries in the U.S., topping its category for ninth year in a row — only New York Public Library circulates more items.
The library is forming a partnership with Philadelphia's Franklin Institute, Schools Uniting Neighborhoods (SUN schools), and A.K.A. Science to launch an innovative after-school and family-focused science and literacy educational effort titled LEAP Into Science.
The library will be presented with a 2011 Achievement Award this weekend during the National Association of Counties annual conference.
New technology at all 19 neighborhood libraries reduces theft and streamlines checkout for patrons and staff.
Multnomah County Library recently implemented several initiatives designed to increase staff efficiency, enhance the security of library materials, and, most importantly, make it even easier for patrons to use the library.
Beginning June 17, kids of all ages — from birth through grade 12 — can participate in a number of literacy-building activities and earn books, free passes, restaurant coupons, library fine reduction, and other prizes. Anyone not already signed up through school may do so at any neighborhood library.
The library's e-book offerings are now richer by 23,000 titles covering a range of nonfiction interests — from career development to cookbooks to personal finance. There is nothing to check out or download, no expiration date, and no intermediary software required.
Whether it’s a research question, a question about library services, or a question related to your library account, the answer is now only as far away as your mobile phone with Multnomah County Library’s new text-a-librarian service.
Multnomah County Library now offers Freegal Music, a downloadable music service, through the library’s website. Library cardholders need no special software to use the service, and there are no digital rights management restrictions. Downloading of songs is completely free and legal, and all downloads may be kept permanently.
For the ninth annual installment of Multnomah County Library’s Everybody Reads project, the book selected to prompt meaningful questions and discussions is The Other Wes Moore. This book tells the story of two boys with similar backgrounds but very different destinies. It is an especially powerful story about hope, the influence of family and community, opportunity, and the cultural and societal barriers to success. It is a story that transcends race and will resonate with anyone who is, or has ever been, at a crossroads.
In response to growing public concerns and emerging scientific data, Multnomah County Library is now exclusively using receipt paper that does not contain the chemical Bisphenol A (also known as BPA).
The approval of Measure 26-114 today amends the Multnomah County charter to allow the board of county commissioners to refer a measure to a future election so that voters can decide whether to form a library district.
With the highest circulation in its category for the eighth year, Multnomah County Library remains one of the busiest in the United States. Each item is checked out at twice the rate of the national average.
Library patrons can now research, read, save and print any article, editorial, illustration, photograph and advertisement published in any edition of The Oregonian beginning in 1861.

PORTLAND, OR – This August 12, 13 and 14, StoryCorps — one of the largest oral history projects in the country — will visit Multnomah County Library's Central Library to record stories from area residents about the intersection of library and community.


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