Job help for teens

Help With Your Job Search

  1. Thinking About Your Experience 
  2. Creating a Resume
  3. Networking
  4. Preparing for Interviews


Current Volunteer Positions at Multnomah County Library: Help the library and get good work experience at the same time!

Learn about jobs and careers

Employment of Minors: Questions and Answers: Learn what kinds of work minors (people under 18) can legally do in Oregon and what employers need to provide for young employees.

Food Handler Online Course: Prepare for and take a test to get your food handler's card. Available in seven languages.

Youth@Work: More on your rights and responsibilities at work, from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Get a paying job 20 Best Jobs for Teens
This post includes a short, clear video: "How To Get A Job As A Teenager" plus information about twenty different types of jobs teens can get. Download printable job applications and watch short videos with employees from fast food, retail, restaurant, airline, grocery, pharmacy and hospitality industries talking about their work and giving advice on how to get jobs at their companies.

Poached: Find jobs in the food service and hospitality industries. 

Snag A Job: Teen Jobs: Find jobs for teens within 20 miles of Portland, Oregon. 

Summerworks PDX
SummerWorks is a paid summer internship program for youth ages 16-24 in the Portland metro area.