Making Games with Roblox: Teen Camp

Mon Mar 25
1:30 PM - 5:00 PM

Learn how to build video games using the extremely popular Roblox platform! We'll learn about game design, 3D modelling, animation and programming. Then we'll use Roblox Studio, the free program that professional developers use to make Roblox games. We'll also learn how to publish the games you make so that friends can play on PCs, phones or game consoles! Grades 6-12.

Rockwood Makerspace programming is made possible by gifts to The Library Foundation, a local nonprofit dedicated to supporting Multnomah County Library’s innovative and groundbreaking work.

Illustration of two figures in a blocky fantasy world

All abilities are welcome. For disability accommodations, call 503.988.5123 or email 2-3 days before a program.