Building libraries together

Great libraries. Great communities. Building for the future. 

New rendering showing future updated Albina Library exterior along Russell Street

Thanks to the support of voters, Multnomah County Library is hard at work on a major transformation. New spaces will replace cramped buildings and help the library change and grow along with the community. The library will upgrade computers and technology in every location. 

Community input is shaping the design for library spaces. Thanks to feedback from members of the community, many libraries will have new features, such as:

  • Art that represents diverse cultures.
  • Large play and learning spaces for children. 
  • Teen rooms with space for technology, homework and creative expression.
  • New and expanded spaces for meeting and gathering.

Get involved

Gifts to The Library Foundation will support enhancements to spaces for children and teens.

What do you want your library to look like? Join in these upcoming community events and let’s build these libraries together.

Help us redesign North Portland Library! Vote for your favorite design

As part of Multnomah County Library’s building and expansion program, North Portland Library is being renovated and expanded. Through listening sessions and online meetings, community members have provided so many great ideas for the interior of the library. Now we want to hear from you again. 

Vote for your favorite interior design! You can also vote in-person at Albina and North Portland libraries. 

Voting starts on Monday, January 30 and ends on Monday, February 13.

Help design the new East County Library! 

Multnomah County Library is building a new, destination library in East County. Tell us how this library can represent you, your community and the future. We want to hear from you through this survey. It will take about 10 minutes to complete.  The survey will close on Sunday, February 5 at 11:59 pm.

Share your ideas through this survey.

About the projects

New buildings

  • East County Library: a new library similar in size to Central Library (scheduled to be complete fall 2025)
  • Holgate Library: a new, larger library, three times the current size at the same location (scheduled to be complete spring 2024)
  • Northwest Library: a new, larger library with double the square footage at 2030 NW Pettygrove St. (not yet started; scheduled to be complete fall 2025)

Renovated and expanded spaces

  • Midland Library: adding 6,000 square feet (scheduled to be complete early summer 2024)
  • Albina Library: growing to almost four times the current size (scheduled to be complete fall 2024)
  • North Portland Library: adding 1,500 square feet with a new Black Cultural Center on existing site (scheduled to be complete summer 2024)
  • Belmont Library: growing to three times the current size on existing site (not yet started; scheduled to be complete fall 2025)
  • St. Johns Library: adding 1,500 square feet on existing site (not yet started; scheduled to be complete fall 2025)

Refresh projects 

Upgrades for better, faster service

  • Gigabit speed internet to all libraries (scheduled to be complete fall of 2025)
  • Operations Center: a new, efficient materials-handling facility (scheduled to be complete fall 2023)

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