National Library Workers Day


National Library Workers Day is a day of recognition for all that library staff, administrators and volunteers do for our libraries. Library workers play a critical role in our communities. At Multnomah County Library, employees across the organization keep the library running.

At each library location, staff will help you find the resources you are looking for and keep the collection organized and up to date. They will help you find the answers to research questions, assist with technology, offer book recommendations for all ages, provide culturally specific service, and more.

Two library staff holding a giant library card

Motoya Nakamura/Multnomah County

Behind the scenes, staff help develop innovative programs, events and partnerships for and with our community. The library has many more staff who you don’t get to see at your locations, but that contribute to the library ecosystem, including delivery drivers (pictured) - who make sure you get the books you are looking for at the library of your choice!

National Library Workers Day is observed on the Tuesday of National Library Week; this year it is on April 5, 2022. So next time you are in the library, share your gratitude with your dedicated library workers!

Some of the crew that moves materials around to all libraries