Kenton Library history


The Kenton Library building, originally Cyril S. Kenyon Hardware, was constructed in 1951. The library leased the 6,000 sq ft space and began to serve the North Portland neighborhood in March 2010. 

The library features a barrel ceiling, and one wall is made of reused wood from the original building. The meeting room doors have art glass by artist Marlene Bauer, reflecting simple observations of community and nature in Portland. 


2020 In November 2020, Multnomah County voters approved a $387 million capital bond to build and transform library buildings across the county. Kenton Library was scheduled to be refreshed, not undergoing major renovations.

2010 Kenton Library opened on March 8.

2006 After another public siting process, the county commission voted to site the new Kenton Library in a storefront building at 8226 N Denver Ave.

Early 2000s A public siting process resulted in the county commission’s support for a new library in the New Columbia housing development. Before the library could be built and opened, budget cuts ended the project. 

2000 The library director presented a proposal to the Multnomah County Board of Commissioners for a new branch library in the area. Board members expressed support for the project. 

1999 A group from the community circulated a petition calling for the reopening of Lombard Library, which had operated from 1927 to 1981. The Advocates for a Lombard Library was formed in January 2000 and presented to the Library Advisory Board in July 2000, outlining the history of library branches in North Portland and describing the needs of neighborhood residents for renewed library service.