Annie Lewis, Multnomah County Library’s new Interim Director of Libraries


Multnomah County Library Deputy Director Annie Lewis is temporarily serving as Multnomah County Library Interim Director of Libraries, following the retirement of longtime Director of Libraries Vailey Oehlke

Get to know Annie with her favorites:

Annie Lewis standing outside holding a giant library card above her head smiling at the camera

Annie started working at Multnomah County Library in 2014 as a Bilingual Spanish Youth Librarian. Since then, she’s worked in various roles including as a Library Supervisor, Early Childhood Services Manager, Interim Neighborhood Libraries Director, and Director of Library Community Services. She has served as Deputy Director since 2022. 

In this new role Annie hopes to “lead the transformation underway at MCL to build new, bigger and more responsive libraries for this community. At the same time, I am focused on ensuring the community receives equitable and responsive services now and that our employees are supported in their ability to provide stellar services for the community now and into the future.”

With the construction of some libraries coming to a finish, Annie adds that she is especially “excited about the opening of Holgate Library.” Visit the new Holgate Library.