Heart of the Valley Children's Choir

HEART OF THE VALLEY CHILDREN’S CHOIR was founded 30 years ago and is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing artistic musical experiences for the youth of Oregon’s mid-Willamette Valley.  The organization consists of five choirs that provide 350 children from ages 8-18 with an opportunity to learn and display their musical talent through concerts and singing tours.  Repertoire includes masterpieces from all periods, styles, and languages.  Over the past 30 years HVCC choirs have represented Corvallis Oregon USA at singing performances in such places as Canterbury Cathedral in England and St Peters in Rome, Italy.  HVCC choirs have performed for audiences in Budapest, Hungary; Paris, France; Uzghgorod, Ukraine; Venice, Italy; Salzburg, Austria; Prague, Czech Republic; Beijing, China; and many other locations in many corners of the globe.  In July of 2011, the HVCC Chamber Choir joined other SATB choirs at the International Mozart Festival in Salzburg, Austria.  HVCC singers are challenged to meet the highest musical standards together with building self-esteem, responsibility, and friendships. The organization believes that every child should have the opportunity to sing.  With founder Carol Nelson and an excellent staff, both artistic and supportive, HVCC celebrates the joy, energy, and simplicity that children bring to music.