Aliens Are Coming!

Portland Columbia Symphony performs stories based on “The Wynwood Project” in Miami, Florida; a series of murals commissioned by the town and painted by graffiti artists and home to over 70 galleries, museums and art collections.

This first suite is a collection of short musical impressions of five of these graffiti murals. Aliens Are Coming is a black and white mural that depicts a large group of humorous extraterrestrials marching down the street. Lizard is a huge iguana painted on the entire side of a building. Hamburger Man and the Tree People is a collection of humorous, surreal circus-like people hanging like fruit off of trees. Angel of Harmony and Child is a stunning mural of an angel playing a medieval double recorder to a child. Blue Man is a nightmarish scene of steel blue colors with sharp sword-like edges. 

Join Portland Columbia Symphony for this special narrated musical experience that the whole family can enjoy.