Multnomah County Library November 3, 2020 General Election

Voters and members of the public should call Elections at 503-988-VOTE (8683) or visit for more information on ballots or voting.

While library buildings are currently closed to the public due to COVID-19, the library is continuing its traditional role in supporting Multnomah County Elections leading up to the November 3 General Election. Voters can deposit ballots at all Multnomah County libraries and other official ballot drop sites

Returning ballots at the library is safe and secure. Library staff members who handle ballots are sworn election officials, in the same way as every worker who processes ballots at the Multnomah County Elections Division. Two library staff members are always present when ballots are retrieved from a book drop and placed into secure containers. Tampering with any ballot is a felony criminal offense.

Voters may sign up to track their ballot at Observers are welcome in accordance with library rules and policies. All library buildings are equipped with security and alarm systems that are monitored 24/7.

About the oath for election officials

All Multnomah County election officials, including library staff who work in public locations, swear to the following oath for each election. 

I, the undersigned, being first sworn, say upon oath:

I will perform the duties of Election Official, according to the law, and I will diligently endeavor to prevent the violation of any provision of election law. I am not related to any person whose name appears on this ballot. (ORS 254.476)

Full name
Work email address 
Supervisor's work email address

By typing my full name below, I subscribe and swear to this oath on year/month/day 

Guidance related to election observers

Members of the public are welcome to film, observe and interact with voting or other library activity in accordance with library rules to create a safe and welcoming space for everyone. Election observers may not block access for voters or for others who are here to use library services.

Each library has a designated place where election observers can stand to watch ballots being dropped into library book drops. These locations give a good view of the book drop and observers won’t block access to the book drop or other library services when standing in that spot. They provide physical distancing in keeping with Governor Brown’s COVID-19 order. They are out of the way of vehicle traffic.

The observer area at each location is marked to make it easy to identify.

  • Albina: West end of the foot of the staircase on the public sidewalk near the west lawn.
  • Belmont: North of the north bike racks ,clear of the sidewalk that originates in the parking lot
  • Capitol Hill: Under covered area, between front door and bike rack. Observer must stay within 3 feet of the building so as to prevent blocking holds-pickup line.
  • Central: North end of the green bench at the corner of SW 11th Ave. and Yamhill St.
  • Fairview Columbia: SE Corner of the building, on sidewalk, next to the loading zone. 
  • Gregory Heights: Corner of the walkway, at the east end of the driveway.  May also stand next to the dumpsters, out of the way of the nearby parking spot. 
  • Gresham: To the left of the parking lot (north) side entrance doors (as you face them). Can accommodate 3 observers. They cannot block the bench or bike rack. 
  • Hillsdale: Facing the three bookdrop doors, to the left of the left bookdrop at the corner of the building (May not block access to the ramp or driveway).
  • Holgate: Coming from the direction of 82nd Ave, on the pathway to the right leading to the front doors.
  • Hollywood: On the bricks near the black garbage can, keeping a safe physical distance from the regular Street Roots vendor who use a nearby spot
  • Kenton: on the sidewalk, between the bike parking rail and curb 
  • Midland: East of the main library doors.
  • North Portland: Best observation will be from a parked vehicle on the street at the end of the ADA ramp.  May stand on the sidewalk in that area.
  • Northwest: Along NW 23rd Avenue (east side of building), taking care not to block the book drop, the staff entrance, nor the pedestrian traffic.
  • Rockwood: In the grass area, across from the book drop and about six feet further north toward the parking lot.
  • St Johns: Public sidewalk in front of library (anywhere on the sidewalk with direct line of sight to book return.
  • Sellwood-Moreland: On the sidewalk at the street, directly opposite the bookdrop, between the tree and the ADA parking sign
  • Troutdale: To the left (north) of the brick support column as you face the public entrance to the library, between the parking lot curb and the east edge of the column. 
  • Woodstock: Sidewalk area in front of the bike racks on the West side of the library building.