Youth membership interest: Library Advisory Board

Multnomah County Library empowers our community to learn and create. The volunteer and citizen-led Library Advisory Board helps, as we advise the library director and the Library District Board on policy and budgetary decisions. The 17-member Library Board includes two youth members between the ages of 13-17, and whose terms of office are two years beginning July 1. The Library Advisory Board currently meets monthly on the second Tuesday of each month at Central Library or Midland Library at 7:30 am. All members are expected to serve on one committee, which requires an additional time commitment. We are thrilled that you are about to apply to join us. Thank you!

Employment/Volunteer Activities
Please list one activity that you are part of. For example, a club, a sport, or another group.
Please list one person (not a family member) who can be contacted as a reference for you, for example, a teacher, a mentor, or a coach.
The following information is optional. You are under no obligation to provide this information, however, it will help us ensure that appointments represent a broad cross-section of our community.

I affirm that all information provided is true to the best of my knowledge.  I understand that any misrepresentation of credentials or misstatement of fact may result in this application being removed from further consideration or any appointment being withdrawn.

Please note that appointments to the Multnomah County Library Advisory Board are subject to approval by the Multnomah County Library District Board during a regular Board meeting.