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Questions? Contact Volunteer Services by email at libvols@multcolib.org or by phone at  503.988.5731. 

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Note: Volunteer positions are limited this year. If you are able to volunteer at different library locations, you have a higher chance of getting a volunteer position.
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By completing this application, I wish to be considered for a position as a Summer Reading volunteer with Multnomah  County Library (MCL). I understand that completion of this application does not guarantee acceptance into the program.  Incomplete applications may be returned. I certify that I have answered truthfully and have not knowingly withheld any  information relative to my application. 

I agree to follow existing and future rules and policies of MCL. I understand that my position can end at any time, at the  discretion of MCL or myself. 

I agree that I offer my services as a volunteer with no expectation of monetary compensation and that I fully understand  that I will be required to attend orientation and training. 

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