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Proud to be at Pride 2017!

David Book Rainbow Families: LGBTQ Picture Books Morris Micklewhite and the... Baldacchino, Christine ... up for library cards, checking out some of our favorite LGBT+ books and giving out prizes! Can't ... make it to the festival? Celebrate Pride from anywhere by reading a great LGBT+ book! Check out the ...
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A Tale of Two Mamas

The Kid Savage, Dan Book Rainbow Families: LGBTQ Picture Books Picture books about LGBTQ families ... at our magazines Gay Parent and Hip Mama, Ariel Gore ’s long-standing zine. And for book reviews and articles, ... the database LGBT Life can’t be beat. There are also some amazing books out there for kids. One of my absolute ...
Side of Truth Naidoo, Beverley Book Hollywood Picks: Refugee experience in picture books The refugee ... experience is on a lot of our minds these days. Here is a list of picture books that explore a variety ... --By the Hollywood Teen Book Council There have always been conflicts in the world that leave ...
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Books for Preschoolers - Read

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Learn English

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Read the Classics

Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Twain, Mark Book The Picture of Dorian Gray Wilde, Oscar Book Classic ... There are ongoing Classics Pageturners book discussion groups at Hillsdale Library and Hollywood Library, plus ... a Quarterly Classics group at Capitol Hill Library.  Copies of the books will be available two months ...
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The stack by the bed

Tama F. | Mon, May 12, 2014 We're all book lovers here, right? I mean, why would you ... books at a time, reads them all, or at least gives them all a try, before returning and checking ... out more. Type two (me), takes books home all the time, because you have to get 'em when you see ...
to read Alison Books you can sing Quirky picture books Coming-of-age Learning to read Ask Alison what ... Whether your kid is learning to read, or can't put that book down, our librarians can offer ... custom recommendations. Looking for recommendations for adults? We're here for you. Darcee Ninjas ...