Readers' Guide Retrospective: 1890-1982

Use this resource to find information like:

  • Articles about JFK's assassination from 1963, the year he was shot
  • Reviews of the film version of "A Clockwork Orange" from the 1970's
  • How were businesses using computers in the mid-1960's?

This is a comprehensive index of popular general-interest magazines published in the United States reflecting the history of 20th century America. Citation only. General interest topics include Aging, Automobiles, Biographies, Children, Fashion, Film, Fine Arts, Food, Gardening, Health, History, Journalism, Music, News, Photography, Radio, Religion, Science, Sports, Technology, Television and Travel.

Once you've found a citation for an article that you want to read, ask a librarian if you need help finding the full-text of the article.

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