A Leisurely breakfast on a work day? Ha!

I stay up late. Whether the reason is  getting stuck in a page turning book, “just one more” episode, or an inconvenient burst of restlessness, there’s not much time between a last hit of the snooze button and leaving for work.

However, there are the rare mornings with coffee in a ceramic mug, breakfast comes a bowl without a lid, and a there's a few moments to spare. The Iphone beckons out of habitual use, but screens await all day at work. Taking advantage of these precious minutes requires a good book.

What would you read if you had ten minutes? Personally, I like things that are entertaining, short, and easy to put down.  That precludes anything with chapters, literary writing, and page turning books that kept me up the previous night. The following are a few of my favorites for such occaisions.

5 very good reasons to punch a dolphin in the mouth



Matthew Inman, aka the creator of The Oatmeal offers a collection of hilarious cartoons that demonstrate how caffeine works and answers the question that's been keeping you up late "How would a T-rex do at comedy?" Ranging from the everyday to the absurd, these cartoons are a great start to the day.



cook everything cover



You may be eating breakfast, but what's for dinner?



Calvin and hobbes cover




A boy and his stuffed tiger make breakfast grrrrrrrreatttt!!! Wait, wrong tiger...







Next time there’s a choice between “ten more minutes” and the breakfast table there’s no guarantee what will win.  However, I’ll always have something waiting to read and enjoy if it does.


dog and jim butcher book


Thanks to a colleague's enthusiastic recommendation of Jim Butcher’s Dresden Filesmy summer reading is all set

However, all good things must come to an end(or at least until a new book in the series comes out…) and the hunt for the ever elusive "next book" begins.




If you are looking for your next book, check out a few of the many ways you can discover them through Multnomah County Library

Don't forget that you can always ask any of us on the My Librarian team for a personalized recommendation!

Take a look around! While you do that,  I'll be hunkered down with Stella and Chicago's best wizard for hire...




lets go crazy book coverIt’s hard out there for a kid, especially The Kid.

Vanity film projects are a terrible idea. Funding is shaky, poorly constructed scripts are battered about, and rumors of an impending Hindenburg of a movie are spread. Fueled by egos and inexperience, these problems offer easy fodder to the media waiting to rip apart the darling superstar who’s in over their head.

Purple Rain should have failed. However, it did not.

Upon it’s release, the film propelled Prince, and to a lesser degree the Revolution, to superstar status. Alan Light’s Let’s Go Crazy sheds light on Purple Rain's improbable  success driven by an unlikely group of collaborators.

So, forget your shrink in Beverly Hills. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the tale of the quest to make a musically charged film which can only be described as magically cringe worthy experience.


Every week, new books  are added to my ever growing "to be read" pile.  While it’s a pleasant hazard of the library profession, the looming tower of unread tomes has grown a bit too tall for comfort. However, after a recent search through the new titles joining the collection, I think there's some room left. Here are three I'm excited about.

Big freedia cover



The queen diva of bounce music has a story tell. It's time to listen.



f=ck feelings book cover



Advice for those short on time.



felicia day mempoir cover



Anything is possible, especially with the internet at your fingertips.





book coverCookbooks are inspiring. At first...

They are tomorrow’s mouth watering meal, a party spread that blows your guests away, and the leftovers you can't wait to dive into. However, good intentions pave a nice road but don't often lead to dinner. Too often, grand culinary aspirations are set aside when the everyday interrupts best laid plans. Soon, tempting recipes morph into overdue fines and dinner is created from a sad game of refrigerator potpourri roullette. Sound familiar?

Enter Pati's Mexican Table.  With easy recipes, accessible ingredients, and lighter takes on classic dishes, Pati Jinich has written a Mexican cookbook for the aspiring Diana Kennedy in all of us (until we have the time to tackle the decades of her genius.) Repeatedly I’ve ventured back to Pati’s world for "chicken a la trash" (trust me, it’s a complete misnomer), black bean and plantain empanadas, simple salsas, and green rice. They’re quick, easy for a weeknight, and delicious.