Reading Lists: Visual Arts

A selection of books from Central Library about sculptors of the outdoor public art works in downtown Portland. This list is based upon "A Guide to Portland Public Art" from the Regional Arts & Culture Council and "Portland's Municipal Fountains: A Self-Guide Tour" published by the Portland Water Bureau.


"The people of the Pacific have always created powerful things. Carvings, textiles and architecture, as well as dance, oratory and other performing arts, are all visually potent and have often been about managing the flow of power through people and the land." - from Pacific Art in Detail by Jenny Newell. This reading list is a selection of books from Central Library that chronicle the history, symbolism and use in ritual of these fascinating art works.

Interested in learning the craft of weaving? You can build simple frame looms of various sizes to experiment with weaving techniques using selections of yarn or other materials that appeal to you.  For learning how to use floor looms or large tapestry looms, taking a class at one of the local community centers, colleges, or art schools can help you decide if you want to buy a loom to suit your interests.

A selection of books about weaving as contemporary sculpture, clothing, and tapestry. Many more titles are available in the Library as inspiration for weaving in a range of methods.