Reading Lists: Music

Late 1970s punk had brought a withering and necessary critique of the mainstream, but with the dissection/rejection came boundaries. By the dawn of the 1980s, savvy individuals inspired by punk's savage intelligence but turned off by its increasingly limited gatekeeping, attempted to bum rush the Top 40 spectacle.

Heavy metal music is about powerful chords, intensity of feeling and energy. It's no surprise that members of the metal band Red Fang seek the same in their reading. Here are their top picks.

A selection of choice disco essentials from the MCL collection - inspired by the fantastic Tim Lawrence tome "Love Saves the Day : A History of American Dance Music Culture, 1970-1979." Boogie til you're broke.

As documented in books like Will Hermes' Love Goes To Buildings On Fire, New York City experienced an unprecedented explosion of musical cross-breeding and hybridity from around 1974 through 1982. While the metropolis teetered on the edge of near total collapse, NYC musicians experimented like crazy, stretching the boundaries of just about any genre of music you might imagine.