Reading Lists: Health / medicine

All of life's varied paths lead to a single end point--the time when we realize it is time to say goodbye. Whether we are facing our own death or the loss of a loved one, we can find comfort and guidance in the pages of these books.

Is your New Year's resolution to eat better? If you're feeling a little confused about what food labels mean, if that new diet is right for you, and whether or not you need to wash that pre-bagged spinach, these books will help you make informed decisions about the food you eat. 

¿Cual es la diferencia entre el abuso y la adicción? ¿Algunas personas tienen más probabilidad de volverse adicta a una sustancia o mal hábito? ¿Las adicciones son prevenibles? En esta lista encontrará sitios web, videos y libros sobre este tema que son recomendados por la biblioteca.

For many caregivers, helping a friend or family member through the last days of life is part of the job. The task is challenging, and it is normal to feel unprepared. Emotional, spiritual, and practical needs all require our attention--and a level of expertise we may not feel we possess. Thankfully, many wise and experienced guides are available to help. This booklist includes some excellent resources; for more, please ask your librarian.

La salud mental es importante en todas las etapas de la vida, desde la niñez y la adolescencia, hasta la edad adulta. Le invitamos a que se familiarice con estos libros y recursos sobre la salud mental.